Where are my buyers?


I’ve started to sell my Service on fiverr a few weeks ago.
When I created my gig, I got several messages from buyers and an order as well. But since then I don’t receive any messages or anything. What happened to buyers?
I can’t send offers to buyer requests because there are only scams from other sellers.
I promoted my gig on social media but I didn’t find any buyer. I don’t get any messages.
I have a translation gig from English to Hungarian. Could anyone check and tell me what is the problem with that??
Thank you in advance!


… that maybe there are not many people needing a translation in Hungarian? :confused:


I know this, but when I uploaded my gig I got at least one message daily for a week but since then nothing… :confused:


To reiterate what @wuerz123 said; maybe it’s such a specific service that your target market is incredibly low. And I would take messages with a grain of salt; you can get hundreds, thousands of page views and messages but at the end of the day it’s a small part of your overall success. Maybe there is another service you can offer such as creative writing or similar. With a gig that is less generic, you can use the amount of traffic you receive to upsell other services you offer and start making some sales.


Now a days sellers have become buyers…!!!


Many thanks for your advice! I will try this, but I don’t know what kind of service could I offer.


Yes, but I don’t understand why fiverr accept these ‘buyer requests’…


Actually seller can’t post a request. its voilation of rules of fiverr community. But don’t know why some people do such a vague things…!!!


PM sent, any questions let me know.


Firstly, why would anyone pay you to translate English into Hungarian when Google does it for free?

Tip: You can introduce a language learning gig which is more personalized service and buyers will be interested to learn from you. (Use your girl skills too… if you’re really who you show you are in your profile pic lol)

and secondly, Buyer’s request section is just a spam section now, which I too know very well. It’s sad. Fiverr should soon take action against such poor sellers who only join to spread their spam.

Time will come when there will only be genuine Sellers and spam sellers left… no buyers

no one would be able to differentiate between true sellers and a spam seller.

Fiverr’s future credibility is in danger now.


:arrow_up: Joke, right?

:arrow_up: Another joke, right?


Um, have you ever used Google translation???
To be fair, for very short and SIMPLE sentences, Google does a pretty OK job.
But once it get’s a biiit too long or a biiiiit complicated, everything is a mess.
it’s quite funny actually, I’ve seen laughably bad Google translations, they are good for
10-second entertainments, but for other stuff, I don’t recommend it at all…


What do you mean by this? I’m a girl and I only have graphic skill and I use that.-

I think so.:confused:

Fitty munh.
We should hope for best.
Time will come when there will only be genuine sellers and genuine buyers,NichAllah!


Our best girl skill is to outsmart self-entitled “intelligent” men like many here around…


Your comment is very SEXIST and an apology is in order for the OP, and to the other women here who found your comment to be offensive.

For the record good looks doesn’t define a woman. :rolling_eyes: In this day & age, women are much more than eye candy or a :trophy:. Women are powerful, educated, strong, and can run laps around small-minded men.


Why do you think that I’m not who I show myself??
And please tell me what are my “girl skills”… :smiley:

People would pay for my service because I translate their text as a NATIVE Hungarian. Do you really think Google would do it better?


I need English to Hungarian, I have project on that


Yes you got it right, thanks

and @anjylina @nikavoice


It was a joke… based on few facts that some sellers do use FAKE LADY PICS to attract buyers.

and I am not trying to be offensive to any of you ladies… or say that your pics are fake. Learn to take jokes and sarcasm in your stride and be open minded. If my comment contained offensive words, Fiverr would’ve flagged it immediately in no time, isn’t it? :slight_smile:

I RESPECT WOMEN and I myself have worked with many female sellers on Fiverr in the category of singers and voice over artists for my music.

However if some of you do feel the need for me to apologize to the OP, I will surely do it without any traces of ego coming in the way like most men.

@nikolettmlnr , I am glad to know you are being honest with what you put up on your profile. About google, yes I agree that google can only go as far as translating few sentences and meanings of individual foreign words in English.

Did I not mention that,

and about girl skills, I meant be influential, polite and understanding of your client’s requirements. I myself believe that there are certain tasks that females do even better than males. They have high emotional intelligence. :slight_smile: Be a good language teacher, that’s it.


This is for all you Music Composers

@nikolettmlnr I just checked your gig pages. I advise you to make a video intro especially for your virtual assistant gig. It will immensely help clients put trust in your service and become your buyers.

You are a very new joinee so welcome!