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Where are my completed order files

I have just accepted a job as complete, but I cannot see any files either on my account page or in my email. where are the source files delivered to ?

Open the order page and scroll down, you should see your files there.

They are not there as of yet. The seller has had good communication but I was told yesterday the files would be there this morning uk time. and they are still not here. I dont think sellers should be able to get your money before source files are completed and awaiting download.

This is quite strange. Like @roots282 said, your files will reflect in the bottom of the page under the “Here’s your delivery!” bar. However, till you are able to view/download your files properly, I would advise you to not mark the order as complete. By marking the order as complete, you will automatically be giving Fiverr the green signal to release the funds into your seller’s account, as they believe you are fully satisfied with your order. Asking your seller to redeliver the files, or contacting customer support in case you still aren’t able to view them even after the re-delivery is probably the best way to go about it. :slight_smile: