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Where are my gig reviews?

Lately sometimes when I look at my gigs the reviews are missing.
I see the description, then my profile, then the extras, then the questions, then my other gig thumbnails but… no reviews!

My seven year old gig looks like a new gig without any reviews yet.


I noticed that yesterday. However, when I refreshed the page and went back to it, the reviews were there. :astonished:


I refreshed the page like you suggested and now see them. I just looked for your reviews and do not see them. This is a serious bug.

We can only see reviews if we refresh the page.

@hanshuber16 I can’t see the reviews on your gig unless I refresh the page. It’s true for all gigs. Can you check this out?


I am still getting orders from buyers that say they booked my gig because of my good reviews, so I am not too worried about the :bug: :wink:


I am pretty sure it is one of those “routine” monthly bugs where Fiverr is tweaking the website’s code in the back-end and a couple of elements on the website go haywire as a result. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: They usually rectify these bugs within 24 hours. :smiley:

Yes, I just checked yours and Vickie’s gigs, and it doesn’t load the reviews when I visit the gigs for the first time. However, it loads when I refresh the gig pages.


It leads potential buyers to think they are looking at a new gig with no reviews. I will ask CS about this.

Well, I can see the reviews from all three of you @vickiespencer, @misscrystal, @hanshuber16 without refreshing.


I think they were adding this new block today, so reviews were glitchy.


I am not seeing that on my gigs. I did notice the search functions are changed around with more filters. I didn’t see my own gigs online when I was online until I refreshed the pages.

I still don’t have it, or at least, it doesn’t show up yet in neither of my two Gigs.

I just looked at your profile and gigs and saw your reviews, without refreshing, but not the part that says meets deadlines.

I wish I saw what other people see when I look at gigs. They must be rolling it out.


customer support is creating a technical ticket but said it may take some time to fix.

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Def a bug. If you have a ton of reviews, there’s a likely hood some will get lost by fiverr unfortunately, due to the unreliablility of tech.

I got a note from CS this has now been resolved.

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I can still see this bug, are they going to fix it for you only? or they confirmed that its a global bug and it will get fixed?

@ammarshrf Hello again! I don’t know. Would you like me to ask CS for you? Or better yet you can send them a message and let them know. It’s possible that they fix it individually.

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Thanks. Will wait a while then contact them. As it happens randomly (not constantly)