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Where are the buyer requests section on Fiverr?

There is not Buyer Requests section on my site.

I am a seller searching for buyer requests. Where do I find it?

I’ve posted many requests as a buyer too but can’t seem to find them as a seller.

Can someone point me in the right direction or Is this a bug where it doesn’t show up? It used to show up before for me.

Hi Pinkvelvetz ,
First switch your account to seller mode then click on “more” .There you will get buyer request section. I have attached the SS . So that you can understand easily .


Or click here


Can you upload a screen shot of your menu?

Thank you for helping me jhakz =)

Here is a screenshot. I went to the more section and clicked buyer requests but nothing shows. It says there are no buyer requests.

There is no specific time of appearing buyer request . Check buyer requests several time in a day .Hope you will get buyer request.
And check this thread also .

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Refresh the page every 10 - 15 seconds. Whenever a Bayer request submits, then you will see it.

Ohh okay. I want to let everyone know it works now.

I found out it is because I didn’t update my skills. Thank you

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@pinkvelvetz go to seller - and click “More”-buyer request

Hi there,
You will start seeing buyer requests if you spend a healthy time on Fiverr refreshing the page every 5 minutes. But if this doesnt help you then change your search tags as it did worked for me when I was a new seller.