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Where are the notifications?

It seems that a REALLY useful feature of the forum is now gone. I am talking about “my activity” panel, where you could track your replies and the discussions you started. And also you used to get a red icon, that worked as a quick notification for replies. Is that moved somewhere that I can’t seem to spot?

Anyone else that wants this feature back?

I will add your requests to the forum suggestions list that I have running. I can’t promise anything, but each forum suggestion will be considered. :slight_smile: It will take a few weeks to finish the already-planned list and try out new ideas and suggestions, but the forum improves daily. Thanks!

no idea

Thanks for the quick reply! It just seems odd because the old forum already had a basic (but useful enough) system for this. Migrating it, should be easier than creating entirely new features, shouldn’t it?

Good luck and thanks for doing such an awesome work anyway!

Converting a vanilla forum v (outdated by 3 years) to a totally different platform like bbpress is a huge, tedious and difficult task on itse own. But in this case it was an update from a highly customised version of vanilla forum v to bbpress.
Then there was the database that is also structured differently.

It’s kinda like being tasked to move a house using a tow truck while trying not to break anything.

Everyone involved in the process has my full respect and gratitude.

I am not really familiar with this kind of things, but I understand and admire all the hard work everyone has put into this. And I am glad they are still working on features and are listening to users. Keep it up guys!