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Where are the regulars?

I don’t see my favorite posters here anymore? I’ve given up checking this forum this last week…where the regulars? You know who I am talking about. Without them, this forum is no fun.

We lurk in the shadows sometimes. But we’re still here. :slight_smile:

:o where did all the comments go?

Do you find their absence suspicious?

Someone said something bad about Hilary Clinton and it all got pulled. Just the way it is I’m afraid. No fine young brain-eating cannibals here, just democrats.

Well, it wasn’t me…I’m not going to touch anything related to politics here.

Guys, I know this looks weird since this post mentions suspicious absences, but I think I should clarify a couple of things. As far as regulars not being around, all I know is that sales have been up for quite a few people (myself included) and it’s possible that some regulars have had less time. That’s only a guess but it’s not that anyone regular I know of isn’t here anymore or anything like that.

As far as missing posts, yes, there seem to be some missing and it is in an odd pattern. Some threads are missing more than others. The moderation team was not involved with that, it appears to be related to the forum updates that were in process. The only posts I know of that were removed today were ordinary spam and some moved to other categories. There were no post/comment removals made purposefully except for that. Staff has been informed about the problem, but we have no other updates at this time.

Hopefully posting will pick up this week in general! I’m with you, Writer, we need some fun around here. I might be able to help, I have an idea, I just need some time to get it running.

I’ve been busy! The past few weeks I’ve been really devoting myself to finishing a draft for my book, “The Satanic Tarot.” I’m nearly 20,000 words into it so far, and I estimate there’s another 40,000 left. I’m very excited, and if I stay focused then I’ll have it done before the New Year. Time will tell!

Not because I flamed you too much, I hope!

Now there’s one thing I grabbed in the p-thing!

I may be in the market for a book like that out of interest! 40k is a lot of words though. If you’re doing it for kindle you might as well split it up into longish chapters (say 5k) and space it out. the KDP rewards series too… anyway, good luck with the book!


I can’t wait until this farce of an election is over. They’re both crap. [after some viewing time, this part can be left to the imagination - editing out by mods] You Americans do realize that they all get a “chat” when they start the job anyway?

#******2016 because they’re both impeachable and ain’t that a peach.

I don’t know the first thing about selling via Kindle, so it’d be cool to chat and learn more. The first part will be about 45 essays expounding on the Satanic principles at play in the Tarot, and the second part is going to be the actual interpretation of the cards and how to use them. It hadn’t occurred to me that I could split them into two parts - to be honest, it doesn’t make sense to me, but like I said I’m stupid when it comes to selling on Kindle.