Where are the stats!


I keep reading that potential buyers can see the stats of sellers. So, I just logged out and searched myself.

I found some stats… But the cancellation ratio and stuff doesn’t seem to be viewable to the public. Or am I missing something?

I can see my stats when I log in. But when logged out, as a potential buyer I can’t see cancellation ratio or anything like that.

Do the public stats change depending on the level of the seller? OR am I just blind.


Cancellation ratio, for what I know, is showed to buyers only when is above a certain amount…


I have a lot of completed gigs. So that can’t be it.


I agree with mark.And yes i watched your profile and no cancelation ratio is shown.


Reply to @bigbadbilly: check my profile and see if you can see my cancellation ratio. I think you can’t, 'cause it’s not high; cancellation ratio is shown only when it’s high.

We can discuss about how much is “high” but I don’t have this answer…


Ya. Can’t see your’s either @mark74.

At first I thought you meant you needed a certain amount of sales to see it. And I have… lots. LOL.

But, now I get it. And maybe you’re right. You need a certain percentage in order to see it.

I have 4%. So, if that’s the case we know you need more than 4%.

But I still wonder if it has to do with your levels. Hmmm. Interesting.


Reply to @bigbadbilly: No, I’m pretty sure Levels are not involved here; anyway I’m at 8% (all cancellations due to buyers mistakes but two), so we know that under 9% cancellation percentage is not shown.

Consider that if you have an high percentage, that number becomes red to show a warning to buyer probably…