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Where are they? Old friends who are no longer active here


Some posters became good friends of mine here on the forum, but I haven’t seen them in a while…

@fitrigwrites4u has obviously left the forum.

@esthernyambura and @idostuff4u are missing.

Anyone else you guys can think of?


Hey, “idostuff”! :smiley:



Message them! Say Hi! I miss you! Pop on over for tea some time!


Heyo :grin:

I just haven’t taken the time to get used to this new forum, but I guess I can spend at least an hour every day reading stuff and trying to reply, like I am now, till I’m back with my witty comments.

My comments were witty right?.. At least some of them? :confused:


The best!!! Welcome back :smile:


Now, one of them IS DEFINITELY missing! 911 do we?


@writer99025 Writer my man, sup dude? :relaxed: This forum has changed a lot. I got a notification that you mentioned my name. This forum looks so cool now! I hope you´re doing well. Any news?


@grydlynnes Who are you talking about?


Yeah, doing great, what are you doing these days? :sunglasses:


@writer99025 Still with the dog videos once in a while, also, preparing to plant some food plants so in the summer I can harvest them. Dog sitting someone´s dog since yesterday until tomorrow. And you ? Still big fan of football? LOL :slight_smile:

NB: I have been watching some videos on Youtube about homesteading. I think I got inspired :slight_smile: I have such a big chunk of land where I live, would be a waste not to use it. A friend of mine advised me to farm chickens that lay eggs. I mean, I have a few chickens for myself. I have never thought of being a chicken egg farmer. I dunno where to sell those eggs.


LOL…you have the perfect life :slight_smile: No stress, no pressure, relaxed, calm and satisfied.


@writer99025 You have a perfect life too in a way you have choosen. You always enjoy everything you do and that´s all that matters. I always like it that you never give a sh#t about what other people do with their lives. I like people who mind their own business :slight_smile:


Well I’ve seen these members 1st time here.I’m here since Jan 2017.If writer was missing you guys then absolutely you all are great.
Hi @fitrigwrites4u @idostuff4u @esthernyambura :hand_splayed:


Hello fitrig. The first post on the thread refers.


@anjylina LOL

Well @writer99025 @idostuff4u @esthernyambura are for sure my fav posters here :slight_smile:
I have more fav people but I ain´t telling you who :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


@grydlynnes I was just playing, LOL. It´s Yana by the way :slight_smile:


Where is @blaisefaint? Not seen him around for a while now…


Secret annn? :poop:


LOL (twenty characterzzzzz)


Hi writer
How are you doing?:grin:
I have not been around for awhile. Am still learning how to use this new forum.
Am happy to see you. :joy:How is everyone?
Cy, Emma, Eoin, MissCrys …still around? Miss you all: :heart_eyes: