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Where are we allowed to advertise?


Hello all, I am interested in knowing where we are allowed to advertise. IE, on linkedin, facebook,craigslist etc people have a way to contact you directly. If it is made clear you only accept orders through fiverr is that ok?



I think Fiverr thrives on its sellers advertising on Facebook and Twitter etc, so advertise away and you get rewarded by Fiverr with featured gigs if you bring good traffic.



Advertise anywhere! The important thing is that if you are communicating with someone on fiverr you should not go elsewhere to communicate. It’s perfectly fine to (and you should) advertise elsewhere to get more sales on fiverr :slight_smile:


Cool, thanks! I will work on that in the morning then:) Before I thought to ask I talked about fiverr in one of my chat groups and a girl signed up to sell…and I got a few sales real quick so I kind of figured :slight_smile:


Reply to @madmoo: cool thanks, I just didn’t want to go against tos, so I am glad you all are helping me clarify that …