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Where are you Buyers :p


Hi everyone :slight_smile:

I am just asking where are the buyers, because i did not get a lot of orders this days !!

Is anyone here have the same issue ??




Reply to @sunshy1: Thanks :slight_smile:


Hello sir,

I could see that on one of your gig you recently (3-4 days back) had decent amount of people buying your services.

Yes even I’m having a similar issue where one of my top selling gig, which is listed on top in a high rating sort isn’t getting me orders like it used to before.

But I know that this will soon change.

Here on Fiverr you sometimes get a lot of orders and sometimes there is this dry period.

Cheer up sir, you have had quite good buyers and this proves that people like your services.

Don’t be sad if you go through a dry period, simply invest your time in expanding your services or making any changes to your gig’s pictures, description and keywords.

Hope this helps you.

Peace and love to you from India.


I experienced the same thing this month. At the beginning of the month, I got a lot of orders, but last and this week I haven’t had any new orders. I believe the same thing as zarafal: this could be dry periods, which is normal because must businesses have such dry periods.


It’s like any small business. It is up and down. Hang in there.


Reply to @zarafal: Thank you :slight_smile:


Reply to @codeispoetry: I hope so… Thanks )


Reply to @landongrace: Absolutely yes :wink:


WOW , you already have 300+ sales in 3 months , that’s a dream start .


Reply to @sunshy1: Thanks, yes and i want more :smiley: i think i deserve it becasue i am hard working and i do my best to make my clients happy and satisfied…


Reply to @ahessane87: Surely you deserve it , so many happy clients in such a less time , claps :slight_smile: