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Where are you from and what made you join fiverr?

Hi, my name is Pedro and im from Miami FL. I love helping people and giving back tons of value. My online businesses including freelancing have allowed me to help tons of clients and establish great relationships. How about you?


Hi, my name is Hina I am from Pakistan. I love cooking, learning new things, helping people with my skills is a great pleasure.
I joined fiverr to earn some money to support my family. It is great to be a part of this platform.


Hi. Thanks for sharing. I dont do much cooking myself i leave that to my wife ;). Im glad you also like helping others as well. I hope you do great here :slight_smile:

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Heyy, my name is Haney and i from India. I really love artistic people who spread art in the world.
Really i work last 2-3 years in fiverr and its really great platform.
Thank you Fiverr team and community.


Hi, I’m Elena. I’m from Australia and I’ve just joined Fiverr recently. I’ve always been the sort of person who points out typos in everything, so I thought I could put that skill to use as a proofreader! I’d love to help people out by making their writing as polished as possible.

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Nice to meet you all.

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Hello everyone, I’m Zuby and I’m from Nigeria. I never liked the idea of a 9-5, so here we are :grinning:

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I’m Brittany, live in the metro-Detroit area in Michigan (US). I spent years hopping from one job to another and finally figured out that working for someone else was not in my cards. Been successfully freelancing for four years now :slight_smile:

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Hi, I’m Ami and I live in a small town in Kansas (US). I’ve been in business for about a year now as a Content Repurposing Specialist in the virtual assistant industry.

While I have had clients, it’s been a slow process to finding them. I brought my business to Fiverr as a way to find more clients I can help with the skills that I have and be able to increase my income.

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