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Where can I advertise/promote my Fiverr gig?

Title says it. I’ve been trying to advertise my gig on many social media, but unsuccessful. is there any way to promote my gig?

How have you been trying to advertise exactly?

I would tell them about my gigs. what i can do and sending them link

Tell whom? Unless someone asks about your offers it’s not very polite to flood a thread or other people’s inboxes with links etc. Do you have a Facebook Business Page for example? You need to create an audience (either through increasing likes via ads or organically) and be consistent on offering valuable content in order to build trust with your prospects and show authentic professional experience.You can have a Youtube channel where you discuss / showcase your abilities (not sure if applicable in your case). Randomly sending links and unsolicited messages could get you banned.

i never sent or flooded links randomly. i asked them if they are interested in my gig. and if so here is the link and gave them the link. if i’d flood everything with my links i would do it on this forum as well

I am not against you, I’m trying to help :slight_smile: Contacting ANYONE you don’t know on social media is considered spam. I saw you are into robot exploit (not sure if I say it right) and you also have some photoshop skills and you can also create video intros and outros. Ok. Create a Fb Page. Increase your audience (invite friends and advertise to increase people who interact with the page (messages, post engagement, likes etc). Join groups on your sector or forums outside social media and provide QUALITY by helping suggesting etc. You can also increase your chances of getting more visible aka possibility of extra orders by tweaking your gigs and revamping your profile (take tests for example)

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