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Where can I answer a review?


Hi experts,
can anyone tell me exactly how can I answer a review?
I can’t find any place to reply it.
many people asked this on forum and nobody answers exactly

Thanks mates


It is very simple.
If you are on PC, kindly click on Messages, then notification. On the notification page, click on the order you want to review, then scroll down to the end of the page and you will behold a green box where you will be able to review your client.

If you are on Fiverr App, please click on the notification, then select the order you wish to review. Kindly select the timeline and you will immediately see where to review your client.

Another means of achieving this goal is to click on your dashboard on fiverr homepage. There, you will see orders which you are yet to review and how to proceed with it.

Best regards


Thank You Jenny! was really helpful !


hey bro you should reply using polite words and must say come again sir am always here for you any time.thanks


Yeah that’s what I was up to but i couldn’t find a field to write a review.thanks anyway


Definitely there it is.
Or you have already given it


I did it and it worked :slight_smile: