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Where can i ask for a service

where can i post for sellers to ask them to do for me specific service i want

Hi~ On the Fiverr site, look at the links on the bottom of each page. They’re listed under categories, including one for “buyers”. Look for the link that says “Request a Gig”, which brings you to a form to fill in. The space is very limited, so keep it short. After you post a request, you return to that page later to see if any sellers have responded to you.

thank u very much my friend

You’re very welcome~!


I did this but mine still says pending after 24 hours.

To be honest, I’ve never actually used the gig request, so I don’t know how long it takes to be posted. Still “pending” after 24 hours doesn’t sound right. I know some web browsers don’t work as well on Fiverr as others (Chrome & Firefox seem to be the preferred platforms), so possibly that’s the problem & you could try using a different browser. Have you tried using the search function to find a gig that’s close to what you want? (usually at upper right, but sometimes on the top toolbar). Perhaps a seller can modify the gig to accommodate your request.

I don’t know the solution for sure, though, so I guess if you want, you can file a ticket with Customer Support (links on bottom of every page) & see if they can help you.