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Where can I edit my source file for free?

Hello, does anyone know what app or site I can use to edit my source files? I’ve purchased a couple items, and want to make minor changes. I can’t seem to figure out how.


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If it’s a software source code.
Github - public
Gitlab - private

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How do I know the difference? And also are those softwares?

Also, I am looking for a free option

Inkscape is the best free option or you can just contact me and I will do it for you

Sure. Where can I send you?

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Github and gitlab Both are free.

The question people are not asking is, what are the source files for? There are many kind of source files image source, program source etc and to edit each of them you need to use the software that created them.

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Hi. See that needs to be explained better before people pay for a source file!