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Where can i find a good article writer?

I just had an article delivered and it was as if it was written by a robot that never went to school. Can anyone reccomend a decent informative article writer ? e.g. Three ways to… How …can improve your…etc. thanks

Well, you can try me, but I have a delivery time of 14 days because of my order queue. Get decent reviews, though, click on my profile to see them. Thanks!

Robots go to school? :wink:

Of course! After they leave the factory or lab in which they were created, they are sent to robo-high to learn how to become a helpful member of the society! :smiley:

Depending on your subject, I may be able to help. You can shoot me a message and we can talk. However, like writer99025, I also have a long delivery time due to my queue but fairly good reviews overall. Thanks for your consideration.

There are several great writers who post on the forum almost every day.

You can try me if you want. I mean, I have some pretty good reviews. In fact, I have fantastic reviews.