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Where can I find buyers for Fiverr gigs?


I’m very confused on how to get people to buy my gig?

I’m quite new to, And I can’t get any buyer now, but if there’s no traffic on it now, there probably won’t be in the future either - or am I wrong?

I really hope to get some tips or something on how to start business on, because I did spend quite a lot of time on creating my gig, is it not unique enough, or what is it that i’ve done wrong?

My gig is here:

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You don’t seem to be doing too badly? 3 reviews already and an order in the queue? What are you worried about?

If you do good work and keep getting good reviews then customers will return and more orders will come in. Just work hard at being good at what you do.

You ain’t doing bad man. you are pretty much new here and you’ve had some reviews already with an order in queue. You don’t have to be bothered. You will get better by doing good job.