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Where can i find buyers?

I’m here on Fiverr for 22 days but i got only 1 order in those days. What to do??

I have to pay my fee and car rent :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: where to get buyers?

this link very use for you:

Fiverr Customer Support

It looks like you are set to vacation mode?

you have no samples on your blog gig. If you want buyers to make orders you need to have good sample photos of what your experience can do for them. Go research other gigs that are similar to yours and have a high rating and look at how they do everything.

Also, when you make a video, can’t you hold the phone the other way so you have a full frame?

ANd yes, you are on vacation mode so you will not be able to get any orders.