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Where can I find customer support to report a seller?

I made an order with a user, and then decided to reverse image search/google image search some of the delivered orders on his account and found that all of the good results were from various Artstation accounts from various countries too, clearly very different to the seller and buyer’s accounts. Its clear the guy is faking sales with art beyond his capabilties. I want to report him, but can’t seem to find anywhere to do it. Googled results say “go to customer support” but I can’t see a link anywhere on fiverr. Can someone point me to customer support?

Also should I contact the seller asking him to cancel, or wait for customer support to remove his account?


Here is the link:

This may be helpful to you:

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Yeah, This is better. you can ask him to cancel order.

Thank you for sharing your experience. Someone will alert.

Its my own fault for over looking the fact that half the character models look like playdough freaks and the other half look AAA quality". I thought with 30 5 star sales I was safe, but I suspect they’re all fake.

Actually having gone through a few of the sellers I’m talking with, a few of them are clearly doing the exact same thing. Sad…

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It’s a shame people do that, especially for the artists whose art has been stolen. Consider messaging them aswell !