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Where can I find my active jobs?

Hello! I just made my first deal through buyers request, it’s been verbally approved through messages and have 24 hours to complete is.
I can’t find the actual gig though. I have the information I need to do what’s needed to be done but I’m not sure yet where to find the payment status or the discription of the original gig.

Hoping someone can help me out!
Thank you!

Ps, I tried to find it through the mobile app.

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You can only read the description of the buyer request by clicking on “sent offers”. But if the buyer wants to work with you, you need to send custom offer or the buyer should order one of your gigs.

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The buyer needs to place an order, then it will appear in your dashboard and you can start working on it. If they don’t place an order and are requesting you to start working, they are probably trying to get free work from you.


Ooh right, well, my current one doesn’t fit the needs of the buyer, so I should send him my offer.despite the fact he put one up himself?

I basically did this:
-went to buyer request
-found one I could do
-replied to it, explaining what did, for how long etc, and that his offer (price) was fine to me.
-he sent me a message back telling me he would like to work with me, that i have 24 hours for said job, and gave me login information for the website.

I realized this can’t be done through fiverr itself, so decided to see how on earth I would be payed through fiverr nonetheless, but couldn’t find anything.

If I need to send in a custom offer that would make sense though, but as he was the one putting up the offer I thought it would go through that offer or through him.

What website? Be careful looks like a scam. Tell him that if he wants to work with you he must place an order or accept a custom offer from you.

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You have to make a Fiverr gig and handle everything through there. It’s against TOS to work outside of Fiverr with a Fiverr-found client. After connecting through Buyer’s Request, you still have to send the offer to the buyer, or they have to order from your gig directly.


Thanks alot everyone. I have no intention of taking this job outside of fiverr, the job itself just happens to go through a site built for this very purpose. Might be that the buyer is new aswell and we’re both just fiddling around on how things work :p. I just make the offer and continue from there.


Suggest you read the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page for the rules as to how Fiverr works.

Everything is explained there in great detail.

Enjoy the forum. :slightly_smiling_face:

Oke, this was just a typical example of a first time buyer and a first time seller :stuck_out_tongue: Everything was resolved!