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Where can i find my order?

Hello guys,please help me ! My order has been delivered,but i can not find it…where is it??

Its’ been a few days since I ordered my Logos and I havent heard back from seller,… What should I do?

On the main site click your username in the black header bar, from there click orders and filter by delivered!

thanks ! delivered is 0 …So i missanderstood the seller’s message…he told me he is gonna send it…and i thought its ready as the e mail told me so.

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

My order is still active but i noticed status REJECTED…what that means?? maybe you know?

hmm yes indeed i asked where is my logo…i will cancel it.

i canceled the modification and now the status is dispute …I am sooo confused…

the seller sent me a message that he will send it again…lets see.