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Where can I find the delivery of my order?

It says “YEAH! ORDER IS READY” and "Your order is delivered and is waiting for your review."

Nice, but I can’t find the document delivery, there is no link anywhere. Where am I supposed to find it…??

Can anyone help me with this? Can the seller mark it as “delivered” without actually delivering anything?

Hi there,

No, he must manually do it, it may be he has misses to attach your order, just contact him first,


Thanks. There is no file attached anywhere, but the order is marked as “delivered”. I’ve contacted the seller, hope he will reply…

If you ordered more orders from him, maybe he partly completed it and closed just one of the orders?

Or he sent you the result, but for some reason it didn’t go through. I’m sure he’ll re-send it if you ask. :slight_smile: