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Where can I find the first buyers for my gigs?

Where can I find the first buyers for my gigs? my gigs


Send 10 buyer request per day according to your choice. Reply with correctly , I mean what buyer need 1st read that then reply… And keep patience … It may take time to come buyer.


From my experience being online most of the time may not seem as a big deal. But believe me, it really is.

I joined Fiverr on October 24 and got my first order on November. I asked the my first buyer why he chose me. He said because I was online and since I’m new to Fiverr I may not have high traffic to my gig therefore I would have enough time working on his project.

The project was to do the Front End (Design of a Betting website). It was somehow complex and important, therefore the buyer wanted someone with a lot of time on hand.

100% correct idea “sabahtonni”

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buyer’s request? is this some kind of function in fiverr?

@jazzfilm its kind of offer.
To illustrate,you only staging some of your services,but as a new seller fiverr not there search,top page your services,because their have lots of freelancer who they are top already,right?

and some buyer as well fall lots of problems.So,they post like i have problem,anyone can solve this.
so,this is the buyer request,you tell h/her that ,YES i can solve this problem,…
This called buyer request.

and buyer not always look your are new or not.They only look,you can solve their problem or not.
hope you understand @jazzfilm

send buyer requests daily and make sure you do lots of gig marketing

I am also new at fiverr. I did not get any offers yet from buyers. but I believe that great patient, learning my niche and develop my gigs helps us to get new offers from buyers. Requirement of the buyers to understand and replies accordingly to buyers.