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Where can i find website developers from Europe or North America?


I only see **********************

Mod note: References to race and nationalities removed


Open Fiverr at 3PM US time, filter your result by “Online sellers” filter. Most Eastern sellers will be on bed at this time and you can see the gigs of the Western sellers. Btw it is not like western sellers are better than the eastern sellers or vice-versa.


He has trust issues…:cop:


And this is a problem why?


All the **************** developers i talked to say they can make the site i want but they dont even know some stuff that was required, and most are only wordpress developers, everyone can wordpress duhh.

I’m looking for a developer that can make a site from scratch

Mod note: References to race and nationalities removed


this stinks of Xenophobia and there is no place for this on here.


What’s with all the hate?


I only mean the ones i spoke with, i’m sorry, i didnt want to talk about the entire race


Fiverr is an international community of sellers where all people are allowed to offer services regardless of race, gender, nationality or any similar reason.
Who one chooses to work with is entirely up to them however statements regarding the dismissal of certain sellers due to race etc are not permitted on the forum.


I dont want to talk about the entire race i already said i only talked about the ones i spoke with


Seems like you threw out a request with a budget and you got responses from sellers from those countries.

If that is so much of an issue, why do you not perform a manual search of gigs and/or include in your Buyer’s Request, Sellers from USA or EU only.

There’s a tip!


Perhaps a better way to phrase the question would be:
I contacted some sellers regarding creating a website but they were unable to do what I was asking them to do. Is there anyone who can create a website from scratch using xyz programming methods.
This would be more for the Buyer Requests section than the forum though.


well im looking for western developers, thats fine right?


That’s fine…


Who you choose is up to you.
You can look for extra terrestrial developers if you want but the forum is not the place to do it nor is it permitted to be directly or indirectly derogatory to others here.


You are aware that there are a lot of Muslims living in Europe and North America, right? As well as people of Asian or Indian descent?


C’mon man it’s 2017. Have an open mind. This is crazy!



Some of the biggest most successful sites have been developed by those of the countries you speak of.
The cost would be prohibitive otherwise.

I’ve been seeking a good developer too and it’s very hard to find someone who can do it.
The ones in the US I’ve talked to will do a horrible insignificant site but want thousands.


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