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Where can I learn Whiteboard Animation?

Hello Fiverr!

I’m Mike from Philly. I’m a videographer that does commercials for businesses and I would like to add whiteboard animation as a service I can office my clients.

Where can I learn Whiteboard Animation? I would be happy to refer business to other sellers while I learn. Are there any animators who would be interested in collaborating?

Learn whiteboard animation.

Good Luck. :thumbsup:

First you need to start off with buying a software license (usually $1,000).

Get software, learn how to use it. Simples.

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i create your white borad animation videos
why you have take too much headpain

???.. Sorry but I just don’t understand what you mean here.

Thanks. Found some videos I think will help.

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Make a trial account at , they have tutorials to learn whiteboard animation.