Where can i promote me gig?



Sry, my old topic is closed ;(



Social media will best to find great traffic for your gigs.


Any advice if one’s own social media sites do not have many followers to generate the traffic?


Share your gig in social media


@aftadul dear how can i do this ? plz guide me properly m new here :roll_eyes:


Write your gig service and share fb,twitter,linkdin and many other social site


can i get 100% feeback on social site ? @aftadul


You get click and view , That’s increase your gig rank


social media increase my buyers ? @aftadul


When your gig is ranked you get order


thank you for guiding me my brother :blush:


no problem dear


You can share your gigs on all kinds of social media , blogs, forum(related to your service)
it will help you find buyers.


Social media is the best place


thank uh dear @rumanaebl