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Where can I see all of my transactions or purchase history as a client?

Don’t you have a section that I can view my purchase history as a buyer?
I want to view all of the transactions I’ve made from say April to May 30th
How do I do that?


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From your profile, choose “orders” from the top menu. Then you can take a look at open ones, cancelled or all …

Can I see what payment method I used?
It just has the order.
Ideally would like to see the payment method used and the date that that payment method was billed. Just trying to do some basic accounting.

Nope. If you want an invoice which may - or may not! - have that kind of information, you’ll need to set one up under “settings”. But it’s not retrospective.

Okay got it.
Thanks. I guess I can just go to Paypal and see which fiverr gig i used using my paypal account. That’s what I was tryign to do.
It will list fiverr.
Thanks for your quick reply