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Where can I send my order to buyers?

Hello! where can I send my order to my buyers? Please tell me.
Also tell me that If buyers say to chat them on cam or do their work on cam then what can I do???

I am not sure if I understand your question correctly. A buyer will place an order with you. You do the work and deliver it through Fiverr. You can chat with your buyers through the Fiverr messaging system. No outside contact is allowed. I hope that helps.

but many of buyers say to me that do their work on cam in their presence.

What can I do then??

Please don’t offer writing gigs.

@theratypist why do you advce him not to offer writing gigs?

Then what can I do if you say that don’t offer writing gigs?

Can anyone of you help me please??

Sorry to all of you you cannot understand my question.
I meant to say that can I do work on cam in the presence of my buyer? If buyer say to me this then what can I do?

Sorry dear you cannot understand what I am saying.I am just wanting that when buyers say to me to do their work on web cam in their presence mean to say that in video chat then what can I do?

Or asking to send the work before they ordering? It’s so critical situation for me to handle this.Please tell me something about that?

Now I hope you will be understand what I was asking for?

What type of service do you offer that a buyer wants to see you do the work through a cam?? You can ask customer support for permission to be able to offer consultations via Skype which you can charge extra for.

You don’t offer any services that need to be seen on camera. They are most likely asking for you to do it on cam because they don’t trust you.
I would simply tell them that you cannot offer that service to them.
If you contact customer support and they give you permission for that then it is ok but really I think what they are asking for is insulting and I would not work with them.

Thanks dear for such a kind advice that’s what which I was asking.

Ok thanks for advising dear. I am actually offer portrait service.

because one buyer said to me to make his portrait in his presence mean I can make her portrait in his presence on cam But i don’t want to do that that’s why I am here and asking a solution of my problem.

Sorry it’s my mistake to write order in my post instead of work.

OP is a not seller anymore on Fiverr.

It’s probably for the best. I wonder if they left voluntarily or Fiverr booted them for breaking rules?