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Where can I talk to forum staff about a post of mine that was recently removed?

Is there somewhere I can directly message the mods?

Edit: Thank you for your feedback, I have now reposted the post in question (hopefully) without breaking any rules: Non-US sellers currently using PayPal for withdrawal can save a lot of money from reading this!

Although I never really found out where it says that I can’t include referral links.

Your last post was removed as they contained referral links.


But I edited it to remove the link before it was removed. I think that post would be very useful for Fiverr sellers.

The posts was moderated based on the original post, not based on edits. Violations of ToS, forum rules, and communication guidelines will still be utilized based on the original post. Editing or deleting a post does not remove or negate the violation.


So that would mean I can post something similar without the referral link?

Could you also please let me know where in the ToS this is specified? I can’t remember reading about this and couldn’t seem to find it anywhere in the ToS.

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@wp_kid Did you get this?

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I’m not sure exactly what rule was broken but you could try this:

Also, the moderator is a volunteer and will see your question when he is able to, so no need to send repeat messages to him.


Posting a referral link to their Payoneer account.


Yes go ahead without the link. I’m basing that on what was said, that the link was the reason it was removed.

I understand that this is what I was doing wrong, but could you please tell me where it says that this is a violation of the rules? I shouldn’t have to guess what the rules are, and I can’t seem to find anything about this in Fiverr ToS or the community guidelines.

Thank you.

COPY PASTE THIS: I think Payoneer is better than Paypal. You lose more money when changing currencies depending on your location. Check your bank data, Paypal and Payoneer rules and regulations to find what suits you the most.

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I guess it falls under this:

Or this:

Additionally, sharing personal contact information is a violation of Fiverr’s Terms of Service, and your referral link might fall under that.

And there’s always this:


I’m going to say that sometimes things are removed where the actual rule is not specifically spelled out. We (including myself) sometimes find out what is not allowed after we post it. I have come to accept this as part of the way this forum is set up. So if you need to see in writing exactly what was wrong with something you posted you might never find it.

Well i dont know if that is true but you are doing a great job for the community overall :dizzy: :dizzy: :dizzy: :dizzy: :dizzy:

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Sure, I could do that. However a lot of information is lost by writing it this way. My post was made to include all the numbers and information needed to make it easier for sellers to decide if they should make the switch.

An important point from that post is also that Fiverr actually gives the wrong information about fees involved and if I leave it up to the readers of the post to do the research there is a good chance that they will make the wrong choice because of this misinformation.

It would also be a waste to not get the $25 referral bonus when signing up. I didn’t know about this when first signing up and therefore I lost the $25 I would have gotten for free if I used a referral link. I’m not saying that people should use my link, but they should definitely us someones link.

Because of this I think my original post is more beneficial to readers than your suggestions.

So your link was a referral link for people to sign up. Yes that’s definitely not allowed as it is a type of self promotion.


Posting a referral link that is beneficial to the reader and definitely relevant to the post doesn’t break these rules in my opinion. It doesn’t contain identifying information about me either.

Depends on how you interpret the rules I guess, but if there aren’t any other rules than the ones you quoted I don’t really see what was wrong with the post.

From my point of view FEES are an mandatory thing to support in any business especially in online businesses so i dont see any point for this thread why people should do all this math and all this effort for what ? for +1% of that income ?
Fees its just something we must accept end of the story