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Where can I talk to forum staff about a post of mine that was recently removed?

I think he got the answer but that’s just my opinion.

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As I have explained earlier my post definitely wasn’t spam. It contained valuable information and was perfect for the “Tips for sellers” category.

I did never request that anyone buy something, everything I linked and talked about was free (in fact it would actually save the users money over time). I did not break this rule.

Again didn’t break this ToS. My post was not unwanted (as it was a perfectly valid tip for sellers), was not repeatedly occurring as it was only one post, and also not disruptive to the experience at all as it fits perfectly within the kind of tips you would expect to find in this part of the forum. And even if I was somehow breaking this part of the ToS it specifically relates to messaging people, and isn’t relevant for forum posts.

I wasn’t trying to sell anything, my only intention was to help out sellers on the plattform and even if they had used my link they still would not have had to purchase anything and would actually be better of than continuing to use PayPal or signing up without using a link. I did specifically say that the important part was to use a referral link, and that it didn’t need to be my link. In my opinion this isn’t unethical at all since all the numbers and facts are there for them to make the decision themselves it is not link I was trying to trick anyone into signing up.

I think we can finish this discussion here. I now have an active post that doesn’t contain my link, hopefully this will help some sellers save some money. We both got what we wanted in the end.

You’re posts are lengthy. This subject doesn’t require such long posts. It’s really overkill at this point.

Yes, I got the answer. We did get a little sidetracked with so many people wanting to argue with me for some reason. I have no idea why this had to be a tread with 60+ replies lol.

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People like to argue for whatever reason.

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