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Where can report the scammers sellers?


there are some dishonest sellers, how to report these to Fiverr?
need to create an official black list where to add the fake sellers!!


If you have problems with a seller, you can report that seller to Customer Support:


They dont help.

My order was rubbish. I sent a cancellation. The seller declined my cancellation, then straight away sent me a cancellation.

This is what support said about it…
Hi there,

"Thank you for contacting us.

I have reviewed your order # and I see that your seller has submitted a mutual cancellation request. Once you accept it, the order will be cancelled and the funds returned to your Shopping Balance for use on your future Fiverr orders.

To learn how to use your Shopping Balance, please check this article: How do I use my shopping balance for future purchases?

We are reviewing the seller with our Trust & Safety Team. Just so you know, we can’t disclose any actions that may be taken by our Trust & Safety Team for user privacy concerns.

For your future orders, may I recommend that you review the following article on Finding a Service on Fiverr?

Kind Regards

I sent back
Hi. I can see the request. What my question is, is they declined my cancellation, then minutes later send me one back. This appears to be a way for them to not lose ratio/ratings and seems unfair to the next buyer as I will not be able to make any comment about my month long issue and poor product.

my reply was

Hi again,

Please note that mutual cancellation doesn’t affect a user’s ratings in any way, regardless of which party submitted the said request.

As for leaving a feedback, unfortunately, feedback cannot be added to cancelled orders at this time.

Hope this clarifies, let us know if you have any other questions.

Kind Regards

I’m really disappointed that this is how they roll

Poor Sellers that nobody knows about because it is not possible to leave feedback on canceled orders

why are you complaining if you already accepted a mutual cancellation?? If the output was rubbish did you first try to ask for a reversion??


28 days of revisions after waiting 12 days for an order - which they set the timeframe for and I accepted. It was late by days with no explanations (and my first file was just a word doc saying they needed more time), the revisions took days, the revisions got worse. Then they asked for a further 7 days, which I gave them, and were 3 days late again… the only way you can trigger the cancellation with the support is to ask for a cancellation. I was trying to do the right thing. On the final time I gave them the further 8 hours they wanted, they then immediately asked for 15… heck I gave them 24 and it was still terrible.


You are more patient than I thought… I can’t wait all that time to get a single order completed. If you contact support to cancel the order on your behalf they would have done it without even notifying the seller and a strike would be marked on their account. You should have known something is up when the seller declined to accept your cancellation then sent you their own. In this case nothing more can be done even contact Support won’t help since the cancellation was mutual. Next time don’t accept a mutual cancellation if you feel the seller has done you wrong.


right… there is available available fake seller here… its very ba.d