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Where can we post reviews that we get on Fiverr?

Hello, my name is Lakshmi and I am currently a Level 1 seller for medical writing on Fiverr. I have a fair number of positive reviews for my work and I was wondering if there are any rules about how we can publicize these reviews on personal websites or social media profiles? So for example, am I allowed to take a screenshot of the review and upload it as an image post in facebook or instagram or linkedin ? or do I copy the review onto my own graphic and upload it in that format? Do we mention fiverr in the post ?
I would really appreciate some help on this, as I am trying to generate more interactions with my gig.
Thank you!


I don’t think Fiverr ever says there is permission to copy the reviews and show them somewhere else.
The TOS says “and content, is exclusively owned by Fiverr and protected by copyright…”. I don’t know if that includes reviews or if the copyright to those stays with the buyers who wrote them. So I wouldn’t copy/show them somewhere else unless you get permission from Fiverr first.

There’s an option for sharing your gig though on the gigs page. There’s also an option in “scale your business” to share a badge thing that links to your profile and says “check out my gigs”.

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Thanks for replying. Yes, I have used the code for the badge as instructed. However, I have read mixed reviews on sharing your gig url on social media platforms because that may be construed as spamming and knock down your ratings on fiverr? so i was a bit hesitant.
I did not consider the content and copyright issues with reviews, thanks for bringing that to my attention. Regards :slight_smile:


I agree. There’s lots of posts saying not to share on social media because it could be seen as spam. But some people say it’s how it’s done, ie. don’t just post it everywhere/in a spam-like way. So yes I’d be very careful of it and if you did link make sure it wouldn’t be seen as spamming as that would could get you in trouble. It would be safest not to I think though.

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