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Where did all my gigs go?

So…I was demoted, however, even when I went down in ranking I still had my gigs and got orders. However, I have noticed I have not gotten anything lately. Went and took a look to do some offers to find all my gigs gone.

What??? Where did they go?

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If they’re not in your gigs tab/page and you didn’t delete them you could contact CS for an answer. If they got removed by mistake they may be able to reinstate them.

If they are on your gigs page but paused by Fiverr or some other status like you could check what status they are/what needs changing.

It seems you still have gigs but one or more are on hold. You can only send offers with gigs that are active. When you are demoted you also normally have less active gigs (if you previously had more than the max for the lower level) and some get paused/put on hold automatically but it should only up to the max allowed by the level.