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Where did "Frequently Asked Questions" go?

No, not this forum. I’m talking about the new feature to provide FAQs for your buyers in your gigs.

So just a few minutes ago, I went to edit my gig, only to be welcomed with the new feature “Frequently Asked Questions” in the gig editor. So I got crazy and created a dozen of FAQs and saved it. Now, I’m trying to see where’s that FAQ, but with no luck. There’s nothing called FAQ to be found. So, I tried to edit the gig again, and boom! that new feature disappeared!

Anyone got a clue?

Nope, never seen that feature, at least not yet. You should have taken a screen shot. :slight_smile:

Figured so…
So here’s a naughty screenshot :wink:
(it’s attached)

lol… good catch :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

So, anyone? It’s no longer showing up…

i want to add a faq question and answer

Now i create fist gig, i want to add Frequently Asked Questions please any one help how can i add it

I can see in the “description and FAQ”