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Where did I go wrong


I have been on fiverr since February, got two orders but yet no reviews which makes it hard for getting more orders. Tried making my gig title simple and straight to the point but still having issues getting a buyer.
Where did I go wrong?


Hi there!

A few notes - take the 48 hours out of your title, and possibly reduce the delivery time to 24 hours - I kow that might make it a tighter deadline, but you’ll get orders more quickly, and then reviews.

You ask buyers to contact you first - why do they need to do that?

You’ve got one gig - could you add more by offering different kinds of writing?

Good luck! :slight_smile:


Under your profile image you say “I am back” which seems rather confusing.


Thanks for the advice, I will act on that now!


My account was suspended shortly due to the phone number verification. didn’t know of it because i wasn’t online a month or so. I lost a valuable customer because of that.


what do think about my gig now? Am getting crazy views with click but no order


That looks really good! :slight_smile:

Are you using buyer requests to get some interest in your gig?


But buyers won’t know that so it is rather confusing so I would suggest that you remove it.


Already done that, Thanks


Been there but all I saw are sellers advertising there gigs which isn’t right.


Just checked and it is still there. Will leave that with you.


Oh. It’s done now. Thanks a bunch!


That looks so much better! :slight_smile: