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Where Did I Go Wrong?

Hello folks and good day! It has been an exquisite journey on Fiverr for the past 3 years now and I have loved working with people from all over the world.

I have been working full time on Fiverr as my primary source of income for the past couple of years. I am being nominated for TRS for about 8 months now and I have given lectures on Fiverr and freelancing in my local community. I have trained people in my circle and taught them about Fiverr so they can earn and make both ends meet. So when I say I know how this platform works, believe me, I do! But what has happened to me recently has rattled me and I have never experienced this before so I’m writing it all here:

I have been earning a pretty handsome amount for quite some time. My primary gig was ranked on first page in top spot on multiple keywords for quite some time. All my stats were 100%. My response time was 1 hour. My average selling price was on the rise with every single order. I always had orders in queue. ALL my reviews in past 3 months have been 5 stars. None of the reviews were below 5 stars I repeat. I had received no warning and everything was at its very best.

I woke up one day and realized my impressions had horribly reduced. I was busy in completing the orders so I didn’t bother. I was alarmed again when I realized I had not received any query or order for 3 days straight and my impressions had fallen by thousands. I looked up my gig, I could not find it anywhere in several keywords. I was on first page and I went as far as 65 pages and couldn’t find it.

It has been 10 days now. My sales have plummeted. I haven’t received a single message or order from a new buyer. My impressions have come down to 3 digits in last one week. AND I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT DID I DO WRONG? Yes I know Fiverr shuffles the gigs and gives everyone a chance BUT what did I do to get thrown away God knows at what page. I couldn’t even find it anywhere except on 1 keyword and that too wayyy below.

I got no warning, no canceled order, no bad review, NOTHING! Fiverr wants to put gigs on top that do better, fair enough! If my stats had gone down and this had happened, I’d have understood but I was at the top of my game when this has happened. My gig has lost ranking in the past and I have seen it going down but all happens gradually and I make amendments and try to perform better and it comes back. This time nothing was short of 100% in my profile and yet I was thrown so far away that I can’t even find my gig.

Please spare me the comments of this is how algorithm works. I have been here long enough to understand that it doesn’t. This is surely a glitch of some sort. I remember all the gigs that are on page 1 of my targeted keywords and every gig is right there except mine. Since Fiverr earning was how I paid my bills, I’m stressed to my very core that how do I recover from this. Any suggestions will help.

Thank you!


Did you make any edits to your Gig before it fell out of search? Did they move the Gig to another category without asking? (Happened to me before).

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No I didn’t make any edits and the gig didn’t move anywhere. It was right there until it just vanished. It is active though and I can find it if add like 5 filters so specific to my profile just so I can find it which is impractical anyway.

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Greetings artistsshop,
Why do you have one gig on your profile -

I paused others since my primary gig was bringing a lot of sales and others not so much. Been like this for a while. But I’m not sure how that’s related.

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When did you pause the other gigs? It might be related.

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Well you shouldn’t be depended on your primary gig alone .You should have something going by your side .

I paused them over a year ago. Back in 2018.

I suggest you did wrong .That’s not how it works. Get them back on and if possible create one gig from scratch and put all the effort into it.It surely will work.

Well… I know they did live updates recently, it’s possible the changes caused the amount of gigs active to affect your page ranking and stats, but that’s purely speculation.

They must have changed something in the last week. I’m having a similar experience. I had the top gig for podcast production and got 3-5 gigs a day. It was one of my most successful gigs. In the past week I’ve gotten zero messages, orders, or requests. It has fallen from the top results.

Sorry to hear that this is your bread and butter. For me this platform is not, but needless to say I have done very well as a side.

Maybe others can shed more light… :sleepy:


Fiverr doesn’t encourage two gigs in one subcategory. So I was just abiding by the rules by not making another one in the same category. And I didn’t have time to serve other categories. Again, that’s a different issue.


Fiverr doesn’t encourage multiple gigs in one subcategory so I don’t think that’s the case here.

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Have you tried editing the gig? I didn’t do it hoping it’d come back on its own but it has been 10 days and I’m not sure what to do now.

Yes I did do some editing to optimize (I think this made it worse). Maybe it’s like Google, where rankings go down and then come back “fiverr shuffle”. I am applying for buyer requests but my rates are commensurate to my experience (I am not a fit for every buyer, more on the high end). For you, I’d try to get some traction via buyer requests.

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Yes I heard editing makes it worse, that is why I haven’t done it yet but I don’t now know whether to wait or make changes. I last went to buyers request section in 2016. I did go there last week but either found very old projects or very low cost ones. I hope we all get back on track soon. Not sure what to do next.

Not really. You can have 1 gig and be fine for years and years.

Both times my gig got catapulted to the last page I was also doing exceptionally great. Makes you wonder if fiverr occasionally goes: “Good for you, now have some rest”. Things got back to normal in 2-3 weeks in my case. I hope your situation improves soon.


Thank you for the response. Gives me hope there is light at the end of the tunnel and not all is lost! Guess I will wait and not edit anything. Hope it will come back within a week or two. I am sure there are better ways to convey the message that we should take rest. This has made me miserable to say the least. Can’t make sense of what has happened and that is exactly why I am frustrated. Fingers cross though!