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Where did I went wrong and Can I do anything about it?

Hello sellers

I got this buyer who asked that I recommend and transfer his woocomerce site to another hosting because the site has been going offline due to limited resources which he can not afford to upgrade. So I recommended siteground go-geek package and I made him did the purchasing himself. He asked if there will be downtime, I said no.

In fact, he initially told me that his current provider (gigaicon) has bad support but I didn’t know it will that bad that it took them 6-8 hours to respond to a ticket.


I then went ahead to set up and transferred the website files to the new hosting. Imported database.

Now it’s time to update nameservers. This is where maybe I went wrong because I didn’t check earlier that you cannot change or update your nameservers, they (gigaicon) has to do it for you. So I have to send a ticket.

After the changes, there were some orders according to the buyer about 8, were left on the old hosting.

This is where he starts to throw words at me.

So I asked that he send me those order emails so I manually created those orders. And this also for some reason caused some duplicate order IDs making it impossible to place an order using PayPal. But I corrected this and order placing became successful.

Now according to the buyer, he is getting order emails that are not showing at the backend. So I have messed up his website, he would report me to Fiverr.

He said all kinds of words to me but I was still working on other things on the site and even off the site.

When I asked that we talked about my offer he told me I have messed up his site and am asking for an offer. He is going to make a complaint to Fiverr.

Please suggest to me what I can do about this or I should just forget about it and let go.


The biggest mistake is that you did for for the buyer without starting an order first. Buyers will often take advantage of this to get free work.

You could tell your side of the story to CS, but I’m not sure if they’ll do anything.

In the future, avoid doing work until the order has been placed.

Hope this helps!


A buyer orders, pays, and then you deliver.

If you bypass this you will have worked for free.

Check this out: Top 5 Tips to Protect Yourself from Badly Behaved Buyers


Maybe also make sure everything is backed up enough, and do more checking of everything after. Maybe test there’s no issue with whatever method you’re using (eg. if it does miss some orders).


You went wrong when you started working on this guy’s website without an order placed. Why are you working for free? Do not do that. If someone wants your expertise and time, they pay for it. Period.

There seems to be not much you can do now - for whatever reason, this guy’s site is not working properly. Perhaps you messed it up, perhaps it is just a subpar site from a subpar host. Anytime you work on your site, (or a client’s) they should do a back up so if things go haywire as they have here, the old site can be restored.

Since this person has NOT placed an order, I would block this guy and move on. If he complains to Fiverr, I doubt anything will be done to you, as you were not working on an order that was being paid for.



@genuineguidance! I appreciate your comment and I have learnt my lessons.

I want to say that the site is working perfectly and I had a backup too. The issues were with orders left on the old server dues to the delayed in changing the nameservers

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