Where did Lucy go?


@lucycodex Where are you? How are things going on your freelance journey? Been a while since I have seen you around?


Hey! I’ve been working more on my writing. I am almost Level 2 now! Made almost 500 dollars in sales in a couple of months, so I am happy! How are things going with you?


Okay for me. I am delayed in starting on a few new projects but it’s a case of me procrastinating when I get a free day rather than working on future plans. I was worried that you might have lost faith and given up. - I was obviously hoping that you hadn’t. In this case, keep on building Lucy!

When I started on Fiverr, my goal was to make $250 a month. In this case, in comparison to my beginings, you are on the right track. Just remember that it can only go up!

Really pleased you are still here. Just keep going!