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Where did my earnings go?


40 dollars dissapeared from my account!
What the? And no notification to say what happened! What could this be?


Have you withdraw? If not please contact fiverr support immediately.


No, I have never withdrawn anything yet, and never bought anything. And I contacted the support, waiting for them to answer.


Please Wait for good Reply on fiverr.


Yes wait for their reply. They will surely assist you


maybe a paypal chargeback


What is Pay pal chargeback?


Hm, now they seems to appear again. What is this? Site bug or what?


Unluckily there are buyers who buy your services in Fiverr via Paypal, and Paypal gives a guarantee for every purchase they do.
Some buyers can ask Paypal to charge back what they’ve bought, for different reasons… that could be an answer why your money evaporated


What fiverr guaeantee then for sellers?
(money seems to appear again, don’t know the reason still, the support didn’t reply yet)


One situation can be a seller loosing his credit card. Credit card attached to a Paypal account.
He will ask to block the Card and maybe some purchases will get charged back… including the ones he really did…
Just thinking out loud…


well, that’s no good for fiverr sellers