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Where did my profile pic go? And what happened to my home page?


I just noticed my profile pic on the forums vanished. So I tried checking on the fiverr home page and alas! I can no longer access the page either! I was in the middle of creating a new gig and I am guessing that got lost too :(((((


Fiverr is down. Again. They know about it and are trying to fix it.


“We tracked Fiverr since July 22, 2014. During last 30 days, it hasn’t been working 5 times - on December 14, 2016, December 13, 2016, December 12, 2016, December 11, 2016 and December 10, 2016.”

As yesterday, I am patiently waiting for the site to work again so I can do my work. So much for the “maintenance”. You should see the comments on Facebook which are ripping Fiverr to shreds lol. Needless to say, aside from the announcement that they are fixing the issue (at least, for the next 12 hours?), the social media team has disappeared.

In irony corner:

Yeah I know its a 403 at the moment but w/e.


Now they mention migration to a new server system.


Are we excited now? And if so, in WHAT way?
(capitalization just as an extra for Em, anyone who is not Em can safely ignore, and btw I can see your and her profile pic again which I couldn´t a bit ago, so something has actually gotten better again after having gotten worse ;))