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Where did the bikes go


So this has nothing to do with fiverr… I was watching the movie goosebumps 2 and noticed something… Can someone help me understand where the bikes went

PS. I will most likely delete this video


Lol, that’s a major goof. Although, this is Goosebumps, man! Who knows what strange forces are at work. :alien::robot::smiling_imp:

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It’s a “blooper”, an error in editing. One may assume that the bikes passed in front of the two viewers that realized what happened after seeing themselves overtaken by three bikes without riders.

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There is also a camera shot of the two boy and still the bikes weren’t in front of them. Once I saw this, I couldn’t unsee it


Maybe they didn’t notice in editing or didn’t think people would notice. Maybe they didn’t have time/budget to fix it in post such as to add the realistic bikes (eg. CGI) to those shots and thought people probably wouldn’t notice anyway.

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This is what’s called continuity errors, and they are pretty frequent in movies. :smiley:
You can find some nice lists of these errors from famous movies on youtube. There are tons of them. :grinning:

For example:

From Wiki:

Continuity errors

Most continuity errors are subtle and minor, such as changes in the level of drink in a character’s glass or the length of a cigarette, and can be permitted with relative indifference even to the final cut. Others can be more noticeable, such as sudden drastic changes in appearance of a character. Such errors in continuity can ruin the illusion of realism and affect [suspension of disbelief]

In cinema, special attention must be paid to continuity because films are rarely shot in the order in which they are presented. The shooting schedule is often dictated by location permit issues. For example, a character may return to [Times Square] in New York City several times throughout a movie, but as it is extraordinarily expensive to close off Times Square, those scenes will likely be filmed all at once to reduce permit costs. Weather, the ambience of natural light, cast and crew availability, or any number of other circumstances can also influence a shooting schedule.