Where did the messages go?


I guess I’m missing something. I just happened to go back over to the Old Fiverr site a few moments ago, and I noticed that I had messages in my inbox there that DID NOT show up in my messages on the New Fiverr…what the heck. There’s no telling how many messages that I have not answered, or worse even, orders I might have missed.

Can someone please comment on this cause it’s got me worried a little.




It finally showed up in the messages on my new fiverr page. But I think something is still not right so you guys might want to check it out. There was one other things that happened I forgot to tell you about. I noticed that the count down clock on a order that i got today said 9 hours and some odd seconds. should have said 2 days 9 hours There could be a glich somewhere.


sometimes you have to go to the panel where our profile and collections are to check the messages. You should be updated…but it doesn’t always happen.