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Where did the real buyers go?

For the last week, the only messages I’ve received have been from people wanting me to hire them. They’ll start their message with a “Hi” or Hello." After I reply to ask them what they want, they’ll respond with something like “I need a job” or “Hire me.” I must have gotten at least 10 messages like this already. Nothing from any real buyers. What is going on? Did Fiverr do some strange update to make this happen?

I highly doubt that Fiverr made any changes that make other sellers send you messages and ask for work. Those sellers made their own – wrong – choices to spam you. Fiverr had no part in that.


Hi @russflex,

I hope you’re doing well.
I believe it’s because of the situation most of the people joining for freelancing work and they want someone senior to help them get their first or maybe they don’t understand how this platform works.

These were just my thoughts, I see the site is lagging most of the time, I even have to reload the page to see the incoming notification or message.