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Where did the Shopping cart go!?

Just a couple of days ago, I remember seeing a new shopping cart feature which would allow me to get around the issue of not being able to purchase multiples + extras on fiver gigs; however, the cart has suddenly disappeared. Why was it removed, and will it be coming back?


It’s definitely not my browser cookies. Every browser I try on Fiverr doesn’t show the cart and clicking the order button doesn’t trigger the cart either. It’s completely gone. I’ll have to contact customer support.

Try clearing your history & deleting cookies, log out of the site then log in again. I’m not sure how the shopping cart works (it’s pretty new, and I don’t think it’s available to everyone, just for some situations). Was the shopping cart always showing in your browser, or only if you had an order? Can you still click on the “order” button on a gig page? Maybe that will activate the cart.

Otherwise, if you want you can contact customer support and submit a request.

Good luck, and if you feel like it, you can come back to this thread and post how you made out, if CS was able to help with this and what you needed to do. That could help others in the same situation, because as I wrote above, many of us don’t have the shopping cart, so aren’t able to offer much help.