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Where did they go?

So I started an order with one of the buyers and it’s a big project he’s been giving different tasks for a while and now he is unreachable from 2 days. I wonder what could be wrong. He said to deliver only the last task of the project. So, I’ve been sending it to him as attachments till now. But I can’t do much about it if he doesn’t contact me soon. Just thinking of delivering some of my earlier sent work if I see the deadline approaching and he’s still unreachable.

Advise me! I’m not thinking wrong am I? I definitely don’t want to have a late order or something showing in my profile.

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Delivering incomplete work would be a violation of Fiverr’s Terms of Service.


Do you have enough information to send a completed order? How much time do you have left until the order is due?

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I’m a writer and I’m writing content for multiple websites for this client. I have written two sites worth content and one remains but he hasn’t sent the details for the last one yet and has vanished. It’s been 2 days now and I have one and a half day left before the time limit runs out.

You might want to use the resolution center to request a delivery extension.

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Through the order or through message attachments?

In the chat not delivering!

I would recommend that you send it as a delivery instead of the chat from now on! If you want to keep delivering as you finish parts of the order, then you can deliver many times. For this order, I would suggest that you go to the resolution center and ask for more delivery time!