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Where do I download my video/order? I'm a noob!

I had a great discussion with my seller about a video she’s to produce, and she’s been very helpful, and marked the product finished. So far so good. Now I can’t find it. Can’t find where to download it, etc. I think I read that exchanging e-mails is a no-no. I get that. So what do I do? Use a cloud-based storage option? Thanks!

Have you tried to reach out to your seller for instructions? Perhaps if you go to the email you received from Fiverr and click the link in the delivery notification, it will take you to your order page. The attachments are usually within the final message.

Look under SHOPPING. If the Seller attached it, it should be there. If the Seller sent it via a 3rd party like WeTransfer or DoprBox, they should have provide a DL link.