Where do I find buyers for my type of gigs?


I’ve messaged about 40people on the requests and one guy bought one of my gigs.

But how do i promote my gig if I don’t have any popular social network where i can promote my gigs?


I visited your site and scrolled down several windows before I spotted something that interested me, something with a video, but just a single image for a webpage gig. Your work looks pretty good, but you need to sell it.

Suggestion 1: Put the action, sound, video and high demand gigs at the top of your gigs list, not several frames down… most people wont dig that deep.

Suggestion 2: provide several examples of web pages on your webpage gig (actually on all gigs). Buyers need to see your range.

Suggestion 3 Use the term “FIRST Page” not “ONE Page” web site… most people are interested in future expansion of their website even if they have to start with a single page… single page websites are dumb.

Suggestion 4:Then suggest in your video that you will build as many pages as they want, add whatever features they want (that you are actually capable of doing)… for additional gigs.

Suggestion 5: Do a simple, professional, not goofy, voice over (or buy one on Fiverr) that repeats your offers for each gig… hit as many Buyer senses as you can; use sound as well as sight.



Also change your name… needformoney sounds like you are begging.


For me, I got converted more than 80% of my messages to Request Gigs into Sales. I think you’re doing this in a wrong way. As grandma said, Read all the Fiverr Stories and of course Tips For Sellers threads also.

So Good Luck!
Shyam - Squeeze Page Designer,


Reply to @dann_f: Now he’s too late for that, Since all the Usernames are cut on Stones :stuck_out_tongue: