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Where do I find impressions and clicks?

I have read a discussion on this forum about impressions and clicks and understand there is a way for me to view mine, but I can not find it.

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in the top bar first click on selling then click on gigs. a list of gigs will be show here. when you click on any gig then click and impressions will be show. if you need any more help then i am available. thank you

Thank you so much. I appreciate your answering me.

Use buyer request and social media platforms for more impressions.

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Thank you for that information. I have looked at buyer’s requests before but found that it was all requests from sellers to sell their gigs. However, when I checked just now, there was a gig that I bid on. Alas, I wish I had done a better bid, but it is all in the learning curve I guess. Thanks again.

Try to promote your gig’s on social platform’s

I have done that. Thanks.

What groups and twitter users or hashtags would you recommend for promotion? I am not reaching any audience at the moment it seems.