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Where do i find my files?


I purchased this package from a graphic designer, i’m currently trying to find my product files but the only thing i see attached are 5 concepts and one of the concepts attached as an source file all of those are .jpg with an perspective angle.

I’m new guys, am i missing something?, i’ve already marked the order as completed but i don’t have what i bought yet… i get it later or what?

(Premium Logo package)
Include Source File
Include 3D Mockup
Printable Resolution File
Logo Transparency
Vector File
unlimited Revisions
1 1 Day $30.00
provide you Business card 1 + 1 day $10.00


don’t ever mark an order complete if it isn’t complete.

Contact CS immediately and see what can be done.


Omg, now i’m panicking!


Okay, I’m laughing - not at your situation but at your sense of humor. That is a cute pic. :slight_smile:


Does customer support even work? two days no response… did i got scammed?


They typically respond within 48 hours but with all the latest “testing” and site maintenance scheduled for tonight, I’ve heard it’s taking them longer than usual.

Give them 1 more day, if you’ve waited 2.

If you don’t hear in 3 days, send them a gentle reminder.

P.S.: Fly, Honey, Vinegar. :wink:


:heart_eyes: got my files i love it