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Where do I see Buyer's rating?

Whenever I check some fiverr seller’s profile, I could see their basic info, gigs offered and their reviews.

Similarly, when I visit some buyer’s profile why I CANNOT SEE the reviews/ratings given to that buyer from the seller for previous projects.

Whenever a project gets completed, both buyer and seller are asked to review each other but I never see the reviews of buyer on their profile.

How is this supposed to help any seller to know about the client/buyer? Or am I looking for the rating in wrong place?

Please advice.
( I didn’t find a proper category for this, so attaching it to tips for sellers. May be other sellers too would be interested in this. )


At the present time, Fiverr does not display the ratings of buyers. Only seller ratings are listed for everyone to see.


Exactly… I don’t understand then what is the point of giving reviews to buyer. I hope fiverr look into this one ASAP. -_-


This is not an issue that requires Fiverr to look into it “ASAP”. There are other more important things that Fiverr is concerned with right now.


I think it would be great to check buyer ratings - the same way they can choose who to buy from based on star rating. Especially helpful for newbies like me. I’m sending offers on the ‘buyer request’ page to become established. In the early stages of getting work. One buyer left me 5 star reviews in all areas except for a 4 star review for: service as described. When I asked why, they explained they will only amend it after I have done more projects for them? My overall rating is now 97% :frowning: They are asking me to do jobs worth $100 for $15 :frowning:


I agree that BUYERS s/b reviewed. Sellers have no protection when it comes to assessing good Buyers from the bad ones. I recently did a job…which the cust was rushing…they then requested a revision which I completed and I never got pd for the addtl fee.

That pisses me off! I work hard just so you can stiff me! Fiverr needs to do something about that.


Dudes, just google “username fiverr review”. That usually tosses up something. However, trust your gut reaction. Bad buyers usually come with a heavenly host of warning signs. With enough experience, anyone can pick out a bad buyer 99% of the time.

@corvega, if anyone rushes me, I offer my 24hr extra fast delivery as a custom extra ($100), or say that it will be delivered by [something reasonable]. If it’s that urgent, they’ll pony up. If it’s not… well, they can complain in the review but I’ve got my “declined” in the gig order to get it removed. This is only for rushers (the 99%). If it’s a polite query then I may just bump them up the list. In short, you stiffed yourself–the buyer saw the opportunity and ran with it.


Sorry to hear that. But frankly speaking, this was surely preventable. The is an option to add the extras (not the gig extras ) right within Order page. If you want additional fee for the extra revisions you can first request the extra from within the order page. That extra’s fee would get added into your original order fee itself. If only the buyer accepts to pay that extra, you may go ahead with additional revisions.

Its not working “username fiverr review”


I agree, there are definitely more pressing items for Fiverr to deal with, however, I do believe buyer feedback should be available. It can also be an incentive for a buyer to leave seller feedback if they know they will most likely in return get feedback.

As a buyer, I want to know as much as I can about the seller’s history. As a seller with steady work, it would make more sense for me to select buyers which other sellers has reviewed as being easy to work with. It goes both ways and hope they make this available soon.


Fiverr has a lot of issues more pressing than this.

But to the point: I would like to read the buyer reviews. Would be helpful sometimes. Still, the buyer review is more of a way for a seller to answer the seller review, and is visible under each review on the seller profiles. I don’t see the point of having the stars in the answer though.

But again, there are so many more pressing matters for Fiverr to attend to, so this isn’t a priority.


I think you’re mistaking what I am taking about over here. By ‘ratings’, I mean the ‘reviews’. You’re telling that seller’s review are available on their profile so ratings are not necessary. But there are no reviews being shown on any seller profile. At least I have never seen a review on any the seller’s profile. Correct me if I am wrong here. The buyer’s or seller’s profile can be checked using the following link:<buyer_or_seller_username>

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Not sure what you mean, but hopefully I can help.

I respond to all of my buyers by giving them a star rating and a couple of words of a review. These don’t appear on my profile, but are on the gig page itself, so you can see my rating and review as seller, and you can also see the buyer’s rating and review.


Having just dealt with a very slippery difficult to deal with buyer, I think a review profile for buyers should be mandatory. To put in context, the most recent one I have just dealt with was trying to expand the scope of the order without extra payment, then tried to trick me into removing the watermarks so they could take the work without marking the order as complete (i.e. take the pictures without paying). They also requested massive numbers of revisions despite stating what they wanted in the original order (in effect they kept varying the requirements of the order so they could increase the number of images without paying extra).

This is a serious issue that needs to be resolved. Ebay allows sellers to see buyers profiles for a good reason. It also gives sellers the option to block buyers with negative feedback. Fiverr needs as a matter of urgency to do the same.


Ebay sellers haven’t been allowed to leave negative feedback for buyers for quite some time. Have a look - all you’ll see is positive reviews, because Ebay didn’t want buyers (who spend their hard earned cash) being given negative reviews.

From Ebay:
Sellers aren’t able to leave negative or neutral Feedback for buyers. That means sellers need other tools that will protect them against unfair treatment from buyers and bring those buyers to eBay’s attention. You can block buyers with too many policy violations, unpaid items, or who aren’t registered with PayPal.

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How would we know such a thing, here? The things that are comparable, if Fiverr gives us NO information about the buyer in regards to their buying habits?

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That’s my point - Ebay and Fiverr can’t be compared as they’re using different systems. :sunny:


It has been 2 years since I first started this thread. Still there is no resolution to this. Hopefully Fiverr could look into this soon and provide a real solution.


I would also very much like to see buyer ratings

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Yes, it is very much required feature so that sellers can see the buyer’s profile and decide whether to accept or deny the order. Fiverr, please fix this. Fiverr should look into this ASAP.

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